Knobtown Skiffle Band
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Knobtown Practice Songs

Backwards Blues Key: C

Dry Rub Key: E

F Rag Key: F

Goin' up to the Country Key: D

Has My Gal Been By Here? Key: E

How Long Blues Key: E

I Got My Overhalls On Key: A

I Won't do That No More Key: E

I'm Satisfied Key: E

It Must Be Jelly Key: D

It Won't be Long Key: C

Jug Band Quartet Key: A

Kansas City Strut Key: D

Knobtown Rag Key: G

Learn to Play the Washboard Key: G

Move That Thing Key: G

Papa's Getting Hot Key: E

Rooster Stew Blues Key: C

Saturday Blues Key: E

Shake That Thing Key: C

Sweet Georgia Brown Key: F

Turn Your Damper Down Key: G

What's That Tastes Like Gravy? Key: A

Wise County Jail Key: G

Other songs we do when guest players know them

Beaumont Rag Key: F

Cacklin' Hen Key: G

Kansas City Railroad Blues Key: C

Panhandle Rag Key: D

Sweet Georgia Brown Key: F

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